Another HL-134A to look at

Don Junoska sent me a HL-134A carb that he thinks came off of a piece of small railroad equipment; rail saw, rail drill or impact wrench. This is the same model that my MK0 82001 engine came with and has a few special parts that I have only seen on this model Tillotson. It has an intact 2 screw throttle shaft which is what I broke trying to straighten on my MK0 carb. It still has the gold paint that I found under the yellow and Hunter green paint on the MK0 HL-134A carb.

My Tillotson application list shows that the HL-134A was used on 61001, 61002, 82001 and 82002 go kart engines. The 61001(CW) and 61002(CCW) were 99.9 CC iron sleeved engines built for a 100 CC go kart racing class. The 82001(CW) and 82002(CCW) were Chrome plated bore Aluminum engines. All 4 engines look the same from the outside and use a lot of the same parts.

The air filter base has the same hack job off center modification that my MK0 has so I am less inclined to blame the Nethercutt crew for this.