Brake shoes

Removing the brake shoes was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. The trick to getting them off the backing plate comes down to expanding the shoes about 1/4″ on the actuator side and then pushing the actuator pivot through the shoes. Next I used a screwdriver to wedge one shoe off the fixed pin and then the other shoe. The springs will not come off until the shoes are off the backing plate. This is backwards to what I am used to when working on automotive drum brakes.

Most of the rivets are about 1/64″ loose and it looks like I can buck them up tighter without removing the lining. Looks like I can get 1/32″ clearance on the 3 rivets that are currently flush with the brake lining face. 1/32″ will be enough to use the shoes as is for awhile since I rarely get going fast enough to use the brake in the first place. The lining from McMaster Carr showed up and looks correct but the smallest rivets McMaster Carr had were larger than the rivets on the shoes so I did not get them.