Bushing facing and reaming.

I used one of my toy lathes to face off .031″ on both bushings. The flanges now measure .094″ thick.

I installed the bottom bushing using a vise. It was a heavy press fit and it squeezed the bore of the bushing down to .621″ The kingpin bolt is .624″ so I had to ream the bushing to .625″ to allow the kingpin to fit. Fortunately my .625″ reamers have a .750″ diameter shank which fits perfectly in the upper bore of the fork. This allows me to align ream the lower bushing to the upper bushing. I could not find my 3/4″ die holder so I used a 1″ die holder with a 3/4″ to 1″ bronze bushing that now appears to be seriously jammed in my die holder. After reaming I installed the top bushing and took a measurement of 4.496″ between the bushings which gives me .002″ clearance between the fork and the fishmouth.