Engine Mounts

Nethercutt was obviously experimenting with different ways to mount the West Bend Power Bee 820 engine in this bike. It has 4 different sets of mounting bolt patterns on it. It has the MK2, MK3 and MK4 4 bolt stuffer bolt pattern that requires removing the Albion to get at.

It also has the MK5 and MK7 behind the clutch bolt pattern that requires removing the clutch to get at.

I used special washers for the flat head screws.

The bike did not originally have the front mount but Jim Cavanaugh said that it was added because the bike shook too much without it.

The 3 patterns above were used when I received the bike. One stuffer bolt was missing and one was loose which allowed the stuffer gasket to blow out creating a lean mixture and very high idle. It also has a 4th unused pattern that picks up two of the fan housing bolts. I tried this back when I was busting the fan housings with mounted kick starters, Looks like it was a bad idea back in 1962 also.

The stuffer and behind the clutch bolt patterns can’t be used together because you can’t draw both up and properly seal the stuffer gasket. I chose to use the side mount and not the stuffer mount to make it easier to remove the engine. I replaced the West bend logo stuffer plate with a non logo one that I countersunk for flat head screws.