I am working on the rear fender now. It is the same width as a MK1 fender. The top had 4 layers of paint, some Bondo, a few dents and a small amount of surface rust. The first layer was red oxide primer, then Hunter Green, Bondo in a few places, another layer of red oxide primer and the yellow. The yellow came off easy. I used paint stripper, a wire wheel, a BFH, a Dynabrade belt sander, sandpaper, a wire brush, a sand blaster and my entire repertoire of cuss-words to remove the rest of the paint. There are a few cracks that need brazed. The bottom of the fender had Hunter Green directly on the bare metal and then the yellow. They used a 6″ by 3 3/4″ bolt pattern to mount what I suspect was a toolbox that I can just barely make out in the Swamp Fox II picture. The Bondo was covering the toolbox bolt holes. A 30 cal. ammo box is too big so the quest for a toolbox has begun. Old roadside flare boxes appear to be about the correct size. I see maybe the same toolbox in the 3a and 4a pictures.

The fender is attached with 2 1/4-20 UNC thread pan head bolts at the front that look like they came from a Power Bee. The 4 tool box holes are 3/16″ diameter for #10 bolts. There are 6 10-32 UNF thread bolts through the 3 rear rack tubes. 4 are flat head rusty steel and 2 are flat head stainless steel with Nylock nuts. MK1s use 4 bolts through the outer 2 rear rack tubes. There were no rubber pads between the fender and rack tubes like the MK1s have. I will replace the 4 rusted steel bolts with my stainless steel bolts and Nylock nuts.