Fork bushing alignment

I suspected the front fork was tweaked after how bad I saw the fishmouth was messed up. After I removed the bushings I checked for alignment by attempting to slide a A1169 3/4″ axle through both bores. Sliding the axle in from the top I found it would only go into the bottom bore by about 1/4″.

Sliding it in from the bottom was much worse. It was off front to rear and side to side by almost 1/4″. I suspect it got tweaked when the top kingpin bolt fell out putting a huge force on the bottom bolt.

I used the axle to straighten the bottom bore by putting the fork on the shop floor and standing on it in different directions. It took a lot more force than I expected. Finally the axle went straight through both bores. I would have used a FB1012-6-Delrin plastic bushing in the bottom if I had not been able to bend the fork back in alignment.