Frame repair

As I was stripping the paint I found 4 cracks in the frame that needed repair. All 4 cracks started at stick welds that were used to add the front cylinder head mount and the 4 bolt stuffer mount. I suspect these occurred due to the use of chrome moly tubing and not stress relieving after welding. I repaired the front cracks first. The left tube had about 1/4″ to go before it would have broken completely.

I used the next size larger tube that fit the OD correctly to add an external brace to the cracked area. I cut the tube so it would clip over the crack.

I brazed the pieces on because I don’t have a furnace large enough to stress relieve the frame. Also I have a lot of experience brazing race car frames since my 1968 Bobsy Vega road racer is brazed together and I crashed a lot.

I will repair the other 2 cracks but they will not create a structural issue even if they let go completely since I am not using the stuffer mount.