Hand clutch

This post details the assembly of the hand clutch to the Albion 3 speed gearbox. This is the heavy duty version dual disk Albion clutch. It uses cork for the friction material and new corks are available in the UK. The intermediate fixed disk was missing so I had to grab one from my stash.

Engine and Albion installed

I put the fluid drive on first. I cleaned it the best I could short of sand blasting. I was afraid sand would get inside. The chain and inner cork disk went on next.

Inner cork disk

This is the fixed middle disk that was missing. That meant that the inner and outer cork disks were rubbing against each other. They do not appear to be damaged.

Middle fixed disk

Next is the outer cork disk.

Outer cork disk

Now the outer fixed disk.

Outer fixed disk

Return springs and bolts.


Finally the clutch cover.