HL134A Carb

I finally got the yellow and green paint stripped off the HL134A carb. It was originally painted gold. I will repaint it gold when I have the entire engine back together and ready to paint. It has a couple features that are not on the later carbs. First it uses 2 screws on both the throttle and choke plates versus 1 screw. It has a 1″ bore where it bolts up to the intake elbow but the throttle bore is 15/16″ offset to the top of the carb. The choke plate has 4 flats instead of a hole to allow some air in for starting on full choke.

I did manage to snap off the special throttle shaft in my attempt to straighten it. I was able to replace it with a HL173A shaft. My Rust Bucket MK1 does have a HL134A with the double screw shafts. It was also rebuilt by Mark Wood. I might swap it out if I get ambitious. The Hi needle is 1 1/8 turns out and the Lo needle is 1 1/4 turns out.