Innocenti seat cover

The previous owner said the bike had an Aquilla seat. The piece of the seat cover with the name tag was missing so maybe it fell off in transit. My MK1s both had Innocenti seats so I was leaning Innocenti since it had 2 rivets per side instead of 3 per side like the Aquillas I have had over the years. Of course an Internet search turned up a 2 rivet per side Aquilla so I really don’t know what was original. I purchased an Innocenti rear seat cover since the spring mounting studs were spaced about 2 inches wider and would not line up with the grommets that come on the front seats. The bike also has an Innocenti muffler. The new cover has no tag so that works! LOL

I used a punch to cut holes that lined up with the spring mounts. I could have repaired and used the old cover but I doubt it would have lasted too long before it fell apart.

The new cover fits nicely on the seat frame.