Miter box seals

Since the frame is now painted I am going to start putting the bike back together before I start loosing parts. The rear miter box, override and driveshaft assembly is the obvious first trinket to go back in. The miter gears feel to be in perfect condition with very little metal coming out on the magnetic plug so I am not going to take the miter box apart. 2 of the ancient Chicago Rawhide 15324 leather seals are leaking so I am replacing them. My 07531TB seals are a direct replacement so I am using those. The 3rd seal is not leaking and is behind the 11 tooth output sprocket. I will leave that one alone since the wider frame leaves enough room to replace it in the bike at a later date if necessary. The screw in miter caps are Aluminum not steel like the MK1 and MK2 caps. The original is on the left, a new steel one on the right with a new double lip seal above it.

Other side:

New seal installed: