More fluid drive info

I started researching an odd ball Nethercutt fluid drive for a Message Board member and came up with more washing machine fluid drives. Looks like they were used on Maytag, Amana and Simpson washing machines from the 1950s through the 1980s.

The top picture is a Simpson and the bottom is an Amana. These look a lot more like the engine mounted MK0 fluid drive than the Albion mounted MK1 fluid drives.

Obviously it is not the same casting but the size and fins appear to be very similar. I doubt there is a one way bearing also. These are also mounted as a driver the same as the MK0 instead of a driven like on the MK1s and MK2s. They are also available on Ebay at reasonable prices. One nice feature is that they are bolted together instead of welded together like all of my MK0 and MK1 fluid drives.