Mower parts

Part of this flow testing project is to find better flowing filters for my space restricted JLO powered Nethercutt MK1s.

I was hoping for a better number from the Tecumseh 35066 filter because it is small, fits HL carbs, is cheap and is still available brand new. 

It flows 39.0 CFM which is better than the 36.0 CFM 29661 Tecumseh foam filter and the 35.0 CFM cut down A11552 CASE filter that I have been using for over a decade. The adapter has an 11/16″ bore that I will punch out to 3/4″ and try again on the bench.

This filter is stock on some Tecumseh TVS lawn mower engines. The early TVS engines use the same recoil that we are currently using on our WB820s to replace the troublesome FM recoils. The later TVS engines use the 35000A cup that we also use on the WB820s.