20-6619 Tygon® 3/16″ ID Fuel Tubing, Formulation F-4040-A


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Tygon® F-4040-A tubing is used for petroleum and petroleum/alcohol blends. Suitable for transporting gasoline, heating oils, kerosene, and glycol-based coolants.

Flexible and resistant to swelling and brittleness. Minimum extractability safeguards fluids being handled. Translucent yellow color for positive identification and easy flow monitoring.

Recommended operating temperature: –37°C (–35°F) to 74°C (165°F). Durometer hardness: Shore A, 57. Tensile strength: 1821psi. Not for use with strong acids or alkalies.

3/16″ ID X 5/16″ OD
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Rotary # 20-6619