3/4″ Comet 30 Driven Clutch Adapter


This is a 3/4″ outside diameter, .531″ bore CNC machined adapter bushing.

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This is a 3/4″ outside diameter, .531″ bore CNC machined adapter bushing and hardware for installing a Comet 30 torque converter driven clutch on an Albion 3 speed transmission in a Rokon motorcycle. It comes with a new mainshaft key. I consider this to be a bolt on installation if you use a 6″ driven. The 7″ driven can also be installed but will require some frame clearancing. I also have a Power Bee adapter bushing available separately in the store.

I have replaced the centrifugal clutches on several older Albion equipped bikes with Comet 30 torque converter setups and am pleased with their performance. The Comet 30 will increase the bikes top end while retaining the low end torque.Here’s the downside. The Albion kick starter will no longer function and you will have to rev the engine a little to engage the torque converter when going down steep hills or it will freewheel. This is because there is no one way bearing in the Comet setup. The Comet 30 operates the same way as the Salsbury 330 torque converters on the newer bikes.

I suggest adding a rear brake with a Comet 30 installation.