Prototype 2a, 2b

I think these 2 pictures are of the same bike. 2a is dated 1959 and was taken by Eleanor Fehn. Jim Cavanaugh stated that there was at least one JLO powered bike before he started working for Nethercutt. According to magazine articles the JLO LK101L , page 2 (MK1 engine) was not introduced until 1962 so I think this engine is a JLO L101L that is the basis for the LK101L kart engine. One of my MK1s has a L101L dated 1958 so these were available in the correct time frame. The L101L was only available with a Bing 19 constant depression carb that has a float. The carb has to be mounted horizontal and 2 of the L101Ls that I purchased were set up with the cylinder vertical and the carb at a right angle to the cylinder. Pictures 2a and 2b look like they have the cylinder mounted vertical. the rims look the same as 1a and 3a. I named these rims X on my spreadsheet.