Prototype 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d

This is the bike that I am working on. I am covering it in detail in this blog and on the Rokonworld message board. Going by what Jim Cavanaugh told me there was only one of this variation built. The 5b picture (rear tire mounted backwards) is from the Swamp Fox II report that was run in Panama. It looks like it was also tested in Pontiac, Michigan in the RAVE I tests at about the same time. There has to be a link between Swamp Fox and RAVE testing. I hope to get the entire Swamp Fox II report soon that may be able to answer how these tests are related.

According to Jim this bike was built before the MK1s, shook too much and was very difficult to start. He said he added a front engine mount, an extra cylinder head shim and retarded the ignition. I see an extra 1/32″ shim but the ignition was dead center like every stock Power Bee I have ever taken apart. He said this bike became the basis for the MK2 models. I think the yellow paint, newer gas tank, front engine mount, rear chain guard and 4 added frame braces were done by the factory as part of Jim’s updating. The frame, front fork, front chain guard, foot pegs, clutch cover, fender and kickstand all have green paint under the yellow so I think these parts are original. there is a Trailbreaker sticker on the left side of the tank but none on the right side.

Riding the bike with an engine mounted fluid drive with the right side shifter is turning into quite a learning curve. I started out with it filled to 10:30 which is where I run my MK1 fluid drives. 10:30 does not slip enough to allow riding without the clutch. I dropped it to 9:00 (half full) and tried again. It now slips enough that I can kick start it in neutral and pop the Albion into first with the heel of my boot without clashing with the clutch engaged. It will start moving immediately but it is now a lot more ride-able. The engine is definitely spinning faster than it was before but It still seems to go about as fast. Up-shifting and downshifting with my foot is also easier. I have to either get it neutral or release the clutch when I come to a dead stop or the engine will stall. I will leave it at 9:00 for now. It is becoming obvious to me why the fluid drive was moved to the Albion and the shifter moved to the left side of the gas tank.