The RAVE I test was run in Pontiac Michigan on October 29th 1962. The Swamp Fox II test was also running in Panama at this time. I suspect this is my bike.

The report states that the bike flipped over backwards going up a steep hill. Jim Cavanaugh thought it was a Maico powered bike that flipped but page 12 shows it had a West Bend 8.2 cubic inch engine. I don’t know how they come up with an 80MM front brake. I measure the front brake at about 170MM. I agree with the 25 MPH top speed. I need to get a GPS on it. I need to take measurements but it seems to sit at least an inch higher than my MK1s. I had to lay on the gas tank to keep the front wheel on the ground going up my test hill. The tires seem stiffer than the MK1 tires maybe because they still have full tread.