Rear miter box

The rear miter box is very similar to the MK1 miter boxes. It has no serial number and it is etched with the pinion depth setting number of 1.591″. It has scribe lines every 90 degrees that were used for machining lay out. The shafts are supported by 4 tapered roller bearings. The cap screw retaining set screw has a 10-32 UNF thread and it looks like a nylon pellet is between the set screw and the threads of the miter box cap. The fill hole is 1/8-27 NPT and has a brass square head plug. The picture below shows a magnetic plug that I had installed to pull any metal out while I was riding the bike before tearing it down. I used one of my exhaust manifold stud kits to bolt it to the frame. I like using these because I have seen too many of these threads pulled out and or cross threaded. The box is only mounted on the right side although both sides are tapped.

The driveline output shaft has an unused 3/16″ diameter hole and a 1/4″ diameter hole that is used to fasten the override clutch to.