Swamp Fox II

The Swamp Fox II FOIA report showed up this morning. All 308 pages of it. I have skimmed through it and found 2 more Nethercutt pictures and a few more test results. I have yet to find a connection between Swamp Fox and RAVE testing. Looks like there were 3 Nethercutts submitted for testing. They did poorly. Fortunately the report is just a little bit under my website’s max file size so the whole thing is linked above. Best part is they did not charge me for the report.

I can clearly see the fuel valve on the left side. I will have to switch that. The tool box shows up quite well also. The front engine mount, fork and rear frame braces are not there.

Is the smoke from the Mutt or the Nethercutt?

Yeah….this looks so familiar…….