Kill Switch

I noticed 2 small holes on the left side of the handlebars. The end of the kill switch wire ended there so obviously there used to be a kill switch there. Doh

Both of my MK1s have clamp-on kill switches where the strap is bolted around the bar. I measured the bolt pattern and it was the same. I purchased an old style switch and wired it up. My newer style switch would not be correct.

Perfect fit.


Back on September 25, 2019, an old Nethercutt showed up on the Rokonworld message board. The owner was asking for help identifying it. He thought it was a Rokon.

I did not see the post until the morning of the 26th. I realized immediately that it was the missing “Holy Grail” of Nethercutt prototypes. I told him it was a Nethercutt prototype and offered to purchase it from him in a private message. He never responded to the PM so I called him directly and was able to purchase the bike with help from Milo Marks on October 1st. Milo then picked up the bike and took it back to his place. Mark Wood had rebuilt the carb and sent it to Milo. Unfortunately, the bike idled way too high which meant it had a crankcase leak.