Throttle shaft boo boo

I noticed the throttle shaft was bent early on. I rode it anyway because I was not going very far from my house. I broke a throttle shaft years ago and I can assure you a broken throttle shaft is a show stopper. I tried to ride the bike home with the idle turned way up but that did not work.

The MK0 throttle shaft was bent maybe 15 degrees which meant it was probably also cracked. Mark Wood had already informed me that it was a special 2 screw throttle shaft and that he had no spares. I decided to confirm that I had a spare single screw shaft and plate before I attempted to straighten the bent shaft. I knew there was a good chance it would break in the straightening attempt……. So I was not surprised when it broke.

I was surprised when I found out that the plate was a different diameter then any HL carb I have ever worked on. Turns out it has a 15/16″ diameter plate. I only have 13/16″, 7/8″ and 1″ throttle plates in stock. The HL134A has a 1″ bore at the gasket face but it steps down to 15/16″ at the throttle plate. So I drilled a third hole in the HL134a plate and installed it using a A1233 high flow screw.